Keywords & queries

You can start with simple keywords and as your needs grow, you can get more sophisticated with your queries to get the best results.

Basic keywords

It's best to start with simple keywords. In the screenshot below, you see a query that uses optional keywords ("Should Contain"), required keywords ("Must Contain"), and forbidden keywords ("Must Not Contain"). Keywords can either be a single word, or a phrase. You don't need to wrap phrases in quotes. Just type a phrase into a text field and ContentGems will use that exact phrase for the query.


Field specifier

You can specify whether a keyword should match a specific field in the index. To do so, prepend your keyword with the field name and a colon, like so: title:California or  excerpt:California. Available field names are:

  • title - this matches the title only
  • body - this matches the entire result body text
  • excerpt - this matches the text body's first 300 characters


To perform a wildcard search, use the “*” symbol. For instance, to search for content that contains "smartphone" or "smartphones, use the query: smartphone*


Parentheses allow you to create queries with nested logic. For instance, to search for content that must contain either “information” or “technology," include the following in the "Must Contain" area on the "Edit Interest" form: (information technology)


Boosting allows you to control the importance of a term in a search. To boost a term use the "^" symbol with a boost factor (a number) at the end of the term. For instance, If you have a search that includes the keyword "AdWords" and want to boost this keyword then use the query: AdWords^2. To boost a phrase, append the boost modifier after the closing quote : "content marketing"^10.

Fuzzy matches

To match similar spellings, you can make a term fuzzy by adding a tilde and a fuzzy factor. E.g., ~color0.3 will match both "color" as well as "colour".

A more advanced query

Using some of the advanced techniques we just introduced, we can further improve our interest on apple recipes to get better results: