ContentGems API  API for developers - Integrate CG with any web or mobile application using our developer API.

Buffer   Buffer - Connect CG to Buffer to share via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

Feedly   Feedly - Plug CG into Feedly for reading online or via your iOS or Android device. 

Hootsuite   HootSuite - View and share CG content in HootSuite with our HootSuite custom app. 

IFTTT   IFTTT - Connect CG with IFTTT and its 237 channels, from Evernote to Salesforce.

Sendible   Sendible - Plug CG into Sendible to manage all your social media activities.

Slack   Slack - Plug CG into Slack for distributing content to your colleagues and team.

Zapier   Zapier - Connect CG with Zapier and its many applications, from HubSpot to Trello.