Destination is a way to get curated Articles published and consumed. The consumers of those Articles can be just yourself, your team members, your current or future clients, or your social media followers.

With ContentGems you can push curated Articles to the following types of Destinations:

  • Email
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media accounts
  • Social media management tools
  • Websites
  • Wordpress blogs
  • Automation tools
  • RSS feeds

Sharing articles to Destinations

You can publish your curated Articles to one or more Destinations. A Destination is one specific instance of a Destination type. If you have, e.g., two Twitter accounts, then you can create a Destination of type "Twitter" for each one. This would count as two Destinations towards your plan's limit. Or if you manage social media for a client, then each client's Sendible account would require a separate Destination.

You can publish from as many Workflows as you want to a single Destination. For example, you could share Articles from three different Workflows to your single Twitter account Destination.

A single Destination can be consumed by many users. E.g., a single Campaign Monitor Email newsletter can be sent to 10,000 subscribers, or an RSS feed can be consumed by an unlimited number of feed readers.

Editing after publishing

After you published one or more Articles to a Destination, you may realize that you've made a mistake. Depending on which type of Destination you published to, you may be able to fix the mistake.

Destinations hosted by ContentGems

Some Destinations (RSS Feed and Website Widget) are hosted by ContentGems. Articles in these Destinations can be edited or deleted easily after they have been first published. Just go to the Destination, look at the published Articles and edit or delete any items that require fixing.

External sharing destinations

Other Destinations (Slack, Twitter, Wordpress Blog) also let you modify or delete items after they have been published. Just go to the respective platform and make the changes there.

And then there are some Destinations where you can't change what has been published. Some examples are Email newsletters, and individual emails.