Getting Started

ContentGems is a very powerful tool with a bit of a learning curve. Here in this support site we present the core concepts of ContentGems and how they relate to each other.

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View articles in RSS feeds and your connected Twitter home timelines.

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Use advanced search to filter custom Feed Bundles or the CG Firehose.

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Pull content from Filters and push to many Destinations at once, with full automation.

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Share to Twitter, Wordpress, RSS feeds, your website and more from ContentGems

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Comparing ContentGems to similar tools

ContentGems shares features with other tools you may already be familiar with, and it combines them in one powerful package:

Feed readers

Examples: Feedly

Similar: You can follow your trusted RSS feeds and review and curate the contained Articles.


  • In addition to RSS feeds, ContentGems will also index Articles shared in your Twitter home timeline.
  • By filtering from the CG Firehose, you can find relevant Articles from Feeds you don't follow (yet), and discover new and relevant Feeds.

Alerting tools

Examples: Google Alerts

Similar: Workflows run repeatedly every day to find relevant Articles based on your interests and then send the Articles to you via email.

Different: Filters give you a lot more control for fine tuning your search criteria.

Web search engines

Examples: Google, Bing, or DuckDuckGo

Similar: Filters consist of search terms and other filter settings to find and recommend the Articles most relevant to your topics of interest.


  • Filters don't use a snapshot of the entire internet, but look only at Articles that were included recently in content Feeds (RSS or Twitter).
  • You have full control over the search algorithm. It uses only the search terms and filter settings you specify. It does not use your past observed behavior, or other implicit data.

News search engines

Examples: Google News or Bing News

Similar: You can use ContentGems to get current news on your topics of interest.

Different: ContentGems is not limited to news publications. You can get current content from Blogs, aggregators, or popular content that is being shared on social media.

Social media management tools

Examples: Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sendible


  • Workflows share your curated Articles to one or more social media destinations.
  • ContentGems can spread out sharing of Articles throughout the day.

Different: ContentGems recommends which Articles to share.

Automation tools

Examples: IFTTT, Zapier, or Yahoo Pipes

Similar: Workflows automate certain tasks around your recommended and curated Articles, e.g., sending preview emails, copying Articles to other Workflows or Destinations.

Different: IFTTT and Zapier offer a lot more integrations with other systems. The good news is that you can plug ContentGems into IFTTT and Zapier for advanced use cases.